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Post  Blake Sun May 11, 2008 9:27 am

May 10, 2008

Dear Diary,

I spent some time with Ada today we got back together!

Sky's Journal TEF_BigGameSkyler_20080510_151928_3

So on with my day. I gave a streech when I first awoke.

Sky's Journal TEF_BigGameSkyler_20080510_210303_-

I ran into these guys and turned one mini!

Sky's Journal TEF_BigGameSkyler_20080510_210634_-

Then I went to relax and Her joined me.

Sky's Journal TEF_BigGameSkyler_20080510_210957_-

Then I ran into Tiako who was in rock and changed my pelt. XD
Then we goofed off, Button-Smashing FTW!

Sky's Journal TEF_BigGameSkyler_20080510_212654_3

Her joined us and I was hiding in the rock and changed her pelt, then... She got me back. lolz She turned me into Quamar. XD

Sky's Journal TEF_BigGameSkyler_20080510_212714_3

Then I ran into Twenty-One and another deer, we danced for awhile.

Sky's Journal TEF_BigGameSkyler_20080510_213424_8

Well, that was my day.

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