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Post  LiŽka Fri May 30, 2008 1:12 pm

Just realized, I havn't made one of these here! ^^;
The Latest

We are the Council of Elders
Evil Doings TEF_serpanther_20080523_201117_296x

Do you mock the Jury?!
Evil Doings TEF_serpanther_20080523_201121_296x

Evil Doings TEF_serpanther_20080523_202408_418x

Mwahaha, I eat your picto!
Evil Doings TEF_serpanther_20080523_204613_-120

Hahaa, I eat your face!
Evil Doings TEF_serpanther_20080523_211555_390x

Generic Evil.
(this is my favourite emote/pose; rear+OMG)
Evil Doings TEF_serpanther_20080524_124501_421x

The Trio showing off.
Evil Doings TEF_serpanther_20080524_174441_-7x8
Evil Doings TEF_serpanther_20080524_174433_-7x6

Quamar shows me the clear pool at the Crying Idol. I hadn't really noticed it before, and I really like it! ^^ It makes me think of a cool, clear rockpool... cool water on your face on a hot day. Seriously, I associate a lot with it.
Evil Doings TEF_serpanther_20080526_181039_233x
Evil Doings TEF_serpanther_20080526_180617_233x

The Fawnmuda must be bowed to! Mad
Evil Doings TEF_serpanther_20080526_181328_248x

Copy, copy, copy....
Evil Doings TEF_serpanther_20080524_180423_13x-
Evil Doings TEF_serpanther_20080524_180632_13x-
Evil Doings TEF_serpanther_20080526_191241_-85x
Evil Doings TEF_serpanther_20080526_191310_-85x
Evil Doings TEF_serpanther_20080526_191437_-85x

Evil Hyper watches j00 sleep Evil or Very Mad
(there's something sinister about this picture)
Evil Doings TEF_serpanther_20080526_184242_-87x

We celebrate the online-ness of TEF with a pond party, which quickly develops into a Gourmet Night!
(it was more animated than the picture suggests, just a bad photo moment!)
Evil Doings TEF_serpanther_20080529_212100_342x

LiŽka meets up with Trinket? Is that you? I thought you were all little!
We moonwalk for... quite a while :lol:
Evil Doings TEF_serpanther_20080530_022010_457x

Zombie Tree. I like the way the bodies and heads seem comletely unconnected!
Evil Doings Zombietree

Later still, the Hunter was about. I didn't take any pictures of the roaring or charging around, because the fawn-eating is surely the most interesting!
Evil Doings TEF_serpanther_20080530_120510_353x

Evil Doings TEF_serpanther_20080530_120805_377x

Mmm.. Kebab.
Evil Doings TEF_serpanther_20080530_121337_310x

Hunter also tries, stupidly (well, he is), to push the Gods over.
Evil Doings TEF_serpanther_20080530_121453_396x

Messing around with Tabbithaaaaaaa, Draak and Saan. Air floating! I beat everyone to the top! (I spent ages before, working out where the highest point in the Forest is :P)

Evil Doings TEF_serpanther_20080530_150442_222x

All dance together. I seem to have my arms round everyone! ^^ Good old Irish-Elk-sized antlers.
Evil Doings TEF_serpanther_20080530_150954_167x

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